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With each application SKIN TEXTURE and SKIN TONE appears nearly flawless. PORES
vanish… all while the anti-aging natural ingredients deliver advanced long term benefits!*

*Results are not guaranteed,
individual results may vary.


Breakthrough 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer is infused with high-performance active ingredients to penetrate the skin while quickly evening out your skin tone and smoothing skin texture. Miracle Skin Transformer is one of the most renowned complexion enhancers on the market. TRY IT TODAY!

DIMINISH the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*

REDUCE the appearance of hyper pigmentation*

HYDRATES to provide long lasting anti-aging benefits*

MINIMIZE the appearance of pores and uneven skin*

PROTECT against future sun damage with SPF 20*

MST's Exclusive M3 Complex micro- delivers a combination of both anti-oxidants & vitamins + Saw Palmetto & Passion Fruit extracts.

A breakthrough 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer designed to Hydrate, Prime, Enhance, Mattify & Protect your skin in one simple step. This multi-tasking complexion enhancer quickly provides your skin with a antioxidant-rich hydrating base, primed smooth finish, weightless coverage, and SPF 20. Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, wax, mineral oils, and talc.* Dermatologically Tested ✔

M3 Complex contains marine collagen, soothing white rose, and chamomile extracts + enhanced color correcting minerals to transform your skin!

A multifunctional concealer with powerful hydration, treatment and protection benefits. Developed for use on both the under eye and face, to quickly cover, correct, protect your imperfections with a flawless airbrushed finish. Miracle Skin Transformer TREAT & CONCEAL leaves your skin with a smooth, radiant, airbrushed complexion in seconds. Fragrance Free.* Dermatologically Tested ✔

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Miracle Skin Transformer products have been proudly featured in InStyle, New Beauty, The New York Times, Redbook, Brides, Marie Claire, Shape, Star, People, Style, and other leading fashion and beauty magazines.

A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST! Innovative Miracle Skin Transformer contains incredibly effective, high-powered ingredients which are carefully cultivated by a team of the industry's leading chemists.

Ecophysalis is an extract of the subtropical camapu plant, found in the Brazilian rainforest. The power of this small, orange, husked, tomato-like fruit acts as an environmental shield to immediately reduce skin redness and inflammation.

Vitamin A
Good sources of Vitamin A include extracts of leafy greens, milk, carrots, pumpkins and more. There are many advantages of Vitamin A, including benefits for a woman's skin.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K is synthesized by plants, and is found in highest amounts in green leafy vegetables involved in photosynthesis. Women apply vitamin K to the skin for it's incredible topical benefits.

Passiflora Edulis Seed Extract
It's just one of many good plant oils that can improve the look and feel of dry skin....keeping skin looking nice and smooth

Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract
Serenoa Serrulata, also known as Sabal and Saw Palmetto is part of the Palmae plant family. It's a small, palm-like plant found in sand dunes along the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts. It is native to the Atlantic Coast of south Carolina, Georgia and Florida and southern California, USA.

Rosa Centifolia
Centifolia, a hybrid rose developed by Dutch rose breeders in the period between the 17th century and the 19th century, originally used in aromatherapy massage. Rose Centifolia is also the source of an exquisite oil that has a delicate, uplifting and a rejuvenating effect on the skin. An absolute treat your skin will just love!

Simondsia Chinensis
Simondsia Chinensis, also known as Jojoba is a shrub which is native to the Sonoran and Mojave deserts of Arizona, California, and Mexico. It's a popular choice in moisturizers for face and body because it is easily absorbed by the skin, light yet hydrating.

Shea butter
Shea butter is an ivory-colored extract from the nut of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). Shea butter is a triglyceride is used in our products for it's incredible moisturizing effect on a woman's skin.


“Smoothing, hydrating, protecting”

*I love the feel of Miracle Skin Transformer on my skin. It is light and creamy, yet matte finish. The fact that it also protects my skin from the Maui sun is a big bonus! *

“A great skin product”

*No muss, no fuss here. Just an easy one-step skin product that gives an even, (almost) flawless look. My favorite aspect of this product is that it leaves a soft matte finish with SPF protection. *

“Really enjoying this product”

*This is more than a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen! It applies evenly and smoothly and leaves my skin looking moisturized but not shiny. I have used it prior to playing tennis and going to the beach, and the SPF works wonderfully. I have it in two different shades: one for summer and one for winter *

“Best Skin Product I've Ever Used”

*I can't express enough how much I love the Miracle Skin Transformer. It feels amazing on my skin, I mean really, really amazing! So now, instead of using lotion AND foundation on my face, I just use this. I get such a great glow when I use it, I barely use any blush at all. Love this product, just love it!!! *


*There is no doubt I will be ordering this product again. I love the way my skin feels after put this on. You feel soft. Must have. I tried both translucent and tinted and love them both. Translucent is the best for my skin!! *

“It's great”

*Feels wonderful on my mature dry skin. It's moisturizing, light, not oily, just enough tint.. I love it. Would not be without it again. It's all I wear. *

“Highly recommend Miracle Skin Transformer”

*I have tried many foundations and tinted moisturizers. I always come back to Miracle Skin Transformer. Fills in my pores and gives my skin a smooth look. Doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Great for summer. *

“flawless finish”

*It's nice when the claims a product makes are true. This Miracle Skin Transformer feels weightless, is invisible on my skin and totally covers or minimizes all my flaws. If I want some color I dust a bit of powder over it. It's quick and easy, but let it dry before you add check color or powder on your nose. Lasts all day! I'm totally thrilled with this product. *

“Unbelievable. Everyone must try this”

*I switched from my tried and true makeup and primer that I've been using for years to try this. I have to say, I'm SHOCKED by how well it functions as a primer, foundation and moisturizer. I'm 38, so I do need some coverage, and I was nervous that this would be a little skimpy on that front. However, it does it all. I'm excited to go through the summer with something that has a high SPF, and is not going to be cakey and thick. I'm a bit of a prima-donna fashion and makeup wise, so trust me, if I am endorsing this, it's pretty damn good. *

“great product”

*I tried this product a while back and I loved it so much and I did not want to run out. It is a wonderful product. I am in my 40's and it covers great and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I could not do with out this product. Plus, it stays on all day and even after you take it off, your skin still looks great. My skin seems to be getting better with every use. I will never use any other product but this and the concealer is great too! So go out and order this product today!!!! *